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Yunhi drama: cast, timing, review, and other details

Yunhi drama stars Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf. Maya’s character, Kim, has come to Pakistan for the first time. She doesn’t feel comfortable around her dad’s family. She meets Dawood there and they’ve so many differences. The story seems very predictable. After fighting with each other, they’ll eventually fall in love. The drama isn’t exciting and there’re no characters that stay with you.

Yunhi drama story

Yunhi drama is the story of Dawood(Bilal Ashraf), a cultured and simple man, and Kaneez Fatima(Maya Ali), a modern and liberal-minded girl, who are from the same family background but raised in different societies. They have a lot of differences in opinions and personalities. But, their love for each other will teach them to accept each other’s perspectives on life. Yunhi drama explores cultural diversity and the love of people in this modern world.

Cast of Yunhi drama

Maya Ali

Bilal Ashraf


Behroz Sabzwari

Deepak Parwani

Tazeen Hussain

Manzoor Qureshi

Maha Hassan

Khaqan Shahnawaz

Uzma Beg

Saad Faridi

Laiba Khurram

Yunhi drama details

Director: Muhammad Ehteshamuddin

Production: Momina Duraid

Genre: romantic

Channel: HUM TV

Timing: every Sunday at 8 pm on Hum Tv channel

Yunhi episode 4 recap

Kim gets better after being treated. She goes out alone in the evening even after Dawood has advised her to not go. Her dad gets worried for her because she doesn’t pick up her phone and it’s getting too late. Dawood followed her to the market as he was worried for her.

Yunhi episode 4 review

Yunhi episode 4 was better than the previous episodes. Kim and Dawood had cute arguments but, their chemistry isn’t that great. The drama somehow reminds me of Namaste London, where Katrina’s character comes to India and feels out of place.

Yunhi episode 3 recap

Yunhi episode 3 shows Kaneez creating a scene just because Dawood entered his room where she was sleeping. Then family members calm her down. Dawood feels humiliated because of her even if he hasn’t done anything wrong. Later, Dawood treats her when she falls ill. But, she continues to misbehave with him.

Yunhi episode 3 review

Yunhi episode 3 was also very slow and boring. There’re many scenes in the episode that you just wish to end quickly. We’ve seen many romantic dramas that got the average storyline but at least they aren’t boring. But, Yunhi drama is seriously going nowhere. It may get better when the lead couple falls in love but up till now it’s disappointing.

Yunhi episode 2 recap

Kaneez’s trying to adjust to Pakistani society. She calls her aunt by her name but Suraiya tells her that in Pakistan we don’t address elders by their names. She hears her aunt abusing her dad and she asks her why she’s saying that to her dad. Later, she sleeps in Dawood’s room as he’s on night duty.

Yunhi episode 2 review

Yunhi episode 2 shows that Kaneez has no idea why her dad’s family is mad at her dad. She’s finding it a bit difficult to live in her grandfather’s house. She sleeps in Dawood’s room and then Dawood comes into his room after his work. Till now, the Yunhi drama seems average but it might improve in the coming episodes.

Yunhi episode 1 recap

The story starts with Kaneez and her dad coming to Pakistan after 27 years. Kaneez has never known the Pakistani culture as she lived in America. Her dad broke his engagement with his fiance who was the daughter of his uncle. His fiance died after a year of the breakup. That’s why elders in his family holds grudge against him. When he meets his uncle, he apologizes to him for all that.

Yunhi episode 1 review

Yunhi episode 1 introduced all the characters of the drama. The coming episodes will probably show clashes between Dawood and Kaneez because, from the first episode, they don’t seem to get along. Yunhi is a romantic story so we’ll get to enjoy the chemistry between Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf. It’s too early to form any opinion of the drama but the first episode feels interesting enough to make me watch the next episodes.

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